White Pine Logs for Log Cabin Kits

Click hereDuring the early days of America, "Trees blazed with the King's mark were reserved for masts for His Majesty's fleet, and were off limits to woodsmen of the New World, These majestic trees were Eastern White Pine and the lumber from them was sought by colonists for home use - for wainscoting, paneling, clapboards, furniture and other products." (NELMA). Today, Eastern White Pine has gained even more popularity in the log home and timber frame industry.

If you look at some older homes in the New England region, you will see that the Eastern White Pine logs continue to protect them. Properly preserved logs against the elements are no match for the durability and practicality of solid Eastern White Pine. Eastern White Pine is probably the least resinous of all pines. It does not swell or shrink significantly with changes in moisture conditions.. Eastern White Pine is also quite plentiful in New England and combined with it desirable characteristics helps make it the most affordable and most used wood species in the log home industry today.

All of the Eastern White Pine that Merrimac Quality Log Homes sells is harvested within a 75 mile radius of Henniker, New Hampshire. In fact Merrimac Quality Log Homes only sells log home products milled from Eastern White Pine. We believe that it is the best species for our target applications/products: milled logs, log home packages, structural timbers, log siding, ceiling and wall paneling.