Merrimac Quality Log Homes is "The Best Way" to Build Your Log Home

Most log home dealers or log home manufacturers are just people in between you and us, because we are the mill that produces the logs. That means your costs are LOWER when you work with us. We offer additional savings because most log home kits are pre-cut. While this offers some benefits it also adds significantly to your cost and makes on-site adjustments time consuming, complicated and expensive. We save you all of this because we are the mill.

Finally, many log home dealers try to upsell you items like windows, doors, roofing and framing lumber. All these items that can be purchased locally for less money, by you or your local builder. We want to show you that Merrimac Quality Log Homes is “The Best Way” to build your log home affordably.

Click here Click here Merrimac Quality Log Homes is a log home company, located in Henniker, New Hampshire. We’ve been producing timbers and milled logs for commercial log home companies at our own mill since the mid 1970’s. Now we are making our top-quality “graded” milled logs available directly to the retail customer.

Merrimac Quality Log Homes is privately owned and is located in the middle of Eastern White Pine Country-in central New Hampshire where we take delivery of logs from local loggers and produce high quality milled logs, timbers and lumber for use in log homes/cabins and timber frame homes. We even produce a log siding and false corner log system that when applied gives the illusion of a solid log home!

Merrimac Quality Log Homes specializes in real log homes and offers an assortment of pine wood products for your building projects at mill direct prices: Milled Logs, Timbers, Lumber, finished boards, log siding, pre-cut log camp cabin kits and accessories for log cabins & homes and timber frame homes are all items we produce at our mill.

Taking away the middleman reduces cost, not quality. Please take a few minutes to view our products. If there is anyway that we can help you with your decision on purchasing logs for your new log home, or any other log home building product, please call us at 1-866-637-7462 or send an email to

Merrimac Quality Log Homes sells log home packages mill direct...saving you thousands of $$$ over standard kit home companies. To see how much we can save you, let us quote your new log home!