Log Siding

Click hereCabin Fever? We have the cure! Whether you are thinking of building a new home, cabin or retreat, or updating Log Siding: Natural wood siding for Log Homes and Log Cabinsyour existing structure, your dream of one day owning a log cabin can finally be made a reality! Merrimac Log Homes has perfectly duplicated the rugged beauty of a full-log home without the hassle and expense of full-log construction. How? With Log Siding! Log siding is an effective way to make your home look like a true log home. Any home, any style, any size, and any where can be constructed or remodeled to look just like a log structure. It's so convincing that even the professional can't tell it's not full-log!

Natural wood siding has long been sought for its timeless beauty, color, and texture. Merrimac Log Homes provides a unique log siding developed for application on frame built structures where a real log appearance is desired. Our log siding is solid White Pine Logs with a high profile pattern for a true round log appearance. The pattern of our log siding allows the siding to be blind nailed thus hiding unsightly nail heads. It can be applied to new or existing frame structures with minimal construction experience.

Log Siding Corner Options

We produce a variety of false corner styles for use with our log siding.True Log corner extensions have been developed to match our log siding so that when applied everything fits into place. Full round and rough cut vertical corners can also be used when applying log siding. Log siding combined with false corners give the illusion of a solid log structure.

Unmatched Log Siding Quality

Our log siding is manufactured with strict quality control standards and is kiln dried. The reveal channel in the back of the siding serves several purposes in the manufacture and application of the siding. During the drying process the channel helps reduce warping as well as checking on the face of the siding. The channel also makes the log siding lighter for easier handling during application.

If you are remodeling an existing home or constructing a new home our log siding can make your dreams of owning a log home, or log cabin come true! For log siding false corner systems click here.

Contact us today for your Log Siding needs. We also offer wholesale log siding discounts to distributors.