Log Cabin Home Kits

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Linear Length Log Cabin Kits

Material provided in the Linear Length Log Cabin Kits will include random length logs, timbers, and lumber, poly foam insulation, and long shank screws to secure the logs. All non-specialty log building supplies, such as doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, and material for your interior walls, can be purchased from a local building products dealer.

By buying specialty log and wood products from us and by purchasing other products locally, you save thousands of dollars in delivery and markup costs. Best of all you will have exactly the quality and brands that you want in your home. Not only will your new cabin meet your budget, but it will meet your specifications as well.

Material Included:

  • Selected Log Cabin Floor Plan
  • Eastern White Pine Kiln dried logs (style based on specific plan), random lengths, for exterior walls. Graded before milling.
  • Wood Splines for butt ends and corner joints.
  • All of the 8" or 10" long shank screws (depending on style of log) needed to fasten each log course.
  • All of the polyfoam insulation strips needed.
  • Caulking for butt ends, corner joints and between log courses.
  • Floor joists (6x6 and 4x6)
  • Purlins (4x6)
  • 2"x 6" Tongue & Grove v-joint for ceiling/roof and floor
  • Front porch/deck posts and railing material
  • Instructions/tips on log cabin construction

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