Design Your Own Log Cabin Home Ready to Assemble Kit

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Our true expertise, and frankly the most enjoyable part of what we do, is working with you to create your own custom log cabin home. We do this one-on-one for building contractors and customers all the time. If you want a log cabin home that is truly something special and unique you’re at the right place.

Merrimac Log Homes is uniquely qualified because we were a wholesale log mill long before expanding into the customized kit industry. Many log-home companies are not real mills or even experienced builders many are just sales people selling our products and marking them up. We are the mill ... you will be working directly with the LOG CABIN INDUSTRY EXPERTS at Merrimac Log Homes. This will actually cost you less than buying through a log home marketing company. Call us right away and let’s talk about your ideas.

You Design Your Log Cabin Home Kit With Us

Our team will work with you One-on-One to develop your plans. Do you have a vision in your head but not sure how to find the plans? Perhaps you have a picture of one you’d like to reproduce? Perhaps you see stuff on our website, or others that you’d like to expand on? You can send us an existing floor plan or a photo of what you would like. Or perhaps you have nothing but the lot details to work from? Where ever you are in the process is the best place to start.

You will begin working one-on-one with us to make your log home vision come to life. We will ask the appropriate questions to get you a project budget. We promise to save you time and money! You will create a design with our expertise and input. Together we prepare the plans and layout the complete kit requirements.

We then take it from there to create and mill a Custom Log Cabin Kit just for you. The last step for you is to tell us what you want to name it and with your permission we add it to our inventory of log home cabin kits.

We will design and mill your own ready-to-assemble log cabin dream home.


  • Your own custom designed log cabin delivered ready to assemble
  • Lots of professional expert service and direct access to our support team.
  • Pre cut logs cut and milled in a clean controlled environment with optimal precision settings.
  • Less waste and inefficiencies inherent on a custom jobsite, less construction mess and clean-up
  • Logs delivered dry ... easy to cover with a tarp and store on location to keep dry
  • Dry logs are easier and safer to handle and install on location.
  • Shorter construction times and eliminate onsite mistakes and their expense.
  • Reduced site disruptions and more consistent quality of work.
  • Financial savings across the entire project

If you prefer getting a model that’s already been developed we have several Ready-to-Assemble Models to choose from on our website. Click here for Ready To Assemble Kits. You choose the kit and our team will send you the log cabin kit precut as required all ready to assemble all you have to do is stack and screw!