False Corner System Log Siding

Click here These are pictures of our false corner systems. Look close and you will see that by using these system False Corner Log Siding Productwith our log siding, your structure will look like a solid log structure!

We make our false corners either from 3' or 4' solid logs or we fabricate them from solid log ends and attach them to your siding at the mill. With the 3' and 4' corner pieces, you will have regularly spaced seams on your corners. With fabricated false corners (which are still solid wood) we can stagger your corner seams more realistically.

As you can see, we make log siding and false corner systems to match many log profiles. With the combination of our false corner systems and our log siding, everyone will think you have built a solid log home - It's so convincing that even the professional can't tell it's not full-log!

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