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Timbers, Lumber, Finished Boards

Price List

Timbers are priced on small quantities. Call for trailer-load.

Note: 18 ft. and longer timbers are special order and could add as much as 1 to 4 weeks to an order's delivery date. Very large timbers in long lengths may take even longer.

Important: We are no longer providing surfaced timbers to dimension. We will adhere to the industry standard and all surfacing will be 1/4" under the raw dimension. Exceptions can be made with enough notification. There will be an added charge to cover the extra board footage necessary to surface the dimension.

It should be noted that although we will supply 4x6 timbers in lengths 18 ft. or longer, they are not considered structural quality and should only be used for appearance.

A Word on Shipping: We have our own trucks and deliver in the New England states only (VT, NH, CT, RI, ME). Shipping outside of New England is contracted and paid for by the customer. We will help assist the customer if they do not have experience in contacting trucking companies for prices and pick-up deliveries.

8 ft to 16 ft lengths 18 ft. to 24 ft. lengths
Size Bf/lf $/Mbf $/lf $/Mbf
$/Mbf $/lf $/Mbf
Rough Rough
4x4 1.33 1100/M 1.46 1400/M 1.82 N/A N/A N/A N/A
4x6 2.0 1100/M 2.20 1400/M 2.80 1600/M 3.20 1800/M 3.60
4x8 2.67 1100/M 2.93 1400/M 3.74 1600/M 4.27 1800/M 4.80
4x10 3.33 1100/M 3.66 1400/M 4.66 1600/M 5.33 1800/M 6.00
4x12 4.0 1100/M 4.40 1400/M 5.60 1600/M 6.40 1800/M 7.20
6x6 3.0 1100/M 3.30 1400/M 4.20 1600/M 4.80 1800/M 5.40
6x8 4.0 1100/M 4.40 1400/M 5.60 1650/M 6.60 1800/M 7.20
6x10 5.0 1100/M 5.50 1400/M 7.00 1650/M 8.25 1800/M 9.00
6x12 6.0 11000/M 6.60 1400/M 8.04 1650/M 9.90 1800/M 10.80
8x8 5.33 1400/M 7.46 1800/M 9.60 1800/M 9.60 2000/M 10.66
8x10 6.67 1400/M 9.34 1800/M 12.00 1800/M 12.00 2000/M 13.34
8x12 8.0 1400/M 11.20 1800/M 14.40 1800/M 14.40 2000/M 16.00
10x10 8.33 1400/M 11.66 2000/M 16.60 2000/M 16.60 CALL FOR CURRENT  
10x12 10.0 1400/M 14.00 2000/M 20.00 2000/M 20.00 CALL FOR CURRENT  


Hand peeled timber are also available from 8" to 16" diameter. Call for Pricing

Bf = Board Foot
lf = Linear Foot
Bf/lf = Board Foot Per Linear Foot
Mbf = Thousand Board Foot
S4S = Surfaced 4 Sides

1 Bf = 1 x 12 x 12
Conversion of LF to BF:
(width x thickness x 12)/144 = lf

1 LF of 4 x 8 =
(4 x 8 x 12)/144 = 2.666 lf

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