Wholesale Milled Logs for Log Homes and Log Cabins

Click hereTraditional logs, milled from rough sawn timbers, remain one of the most popular alternatives for log home construction. These logs appeal to people who prefer a more rustic appearance than log siding or brick and look upon the natural tendency for logs to check as part of the character of the logs. For information on Logs and Timber for Log Cabins and Log Homes click here. For information on our false corners systems click here.

While readily available from many sources, there can be a huge difference in the grade, milling quality and structural integrity of these logs. Merrimac Quality Log Homes sells only milled logs that meet structural standards and our own critical appearance and milling specifications.

Insulation Factor of Milled Logs

Considering the R-factor traditionally assigned to a solid log wall is generally a low rating - an 8" log, for instance, is given a normal R-10 value - why, then, does a log home perform so well? The answer lies in the properties inherent in solid log construction. Unlike insulating materials with much higher assigned R-values, the log combines its natural insulating ability with the "thermal capacitance" of the log material. Simply put, the billions of air cells within the structure of the wood slow down the transfer of heat trying to escape in the winter. In summer, these cells reverse the protection by not permitting easy transfer of heat from outside to the inside of your log home.

At the same time the mass of your log wall provides a reservoir to store energy. This "thermal capacitance" of a solid log wall means less fluctuation in the temperature while still insulating the indoors from the outdoors. It also means lower energy costs for and less disruptions to the environment as less fuel is consumed to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Facts about Shrinkage and Checking

Many people are concerned about shrinkage and checking of logs. Both are natural characteristics of logs and are not bad. Checking occurs during the drying process whether the drying takes place in nature or in a kiln. Shrinkage is also a natural process which can be compensated for during the building process. For more information on both of these processes, please click on the above links.

Types of Milled Logs

Merrimac Quality Log Homes offers several styles of wholesale milled logs for log building construction. Each offers certain advantages and features. Among the types of logs most commonly seen are the following: