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A Log Home Story - Christmas For Jenna

Bill and Jenna Labadie from Sullivan, NH have waited many years to get their Dream Log Home. For the past 11 years they lived in the capped foundation of their home.

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They came to Merrimac Log Homes in the spring of 2008 with a dream to build their own log home start to finish. Merrimac helped guide them through the entire process, although they were already very informed, they had done their homework before hand.

They started building in May 2008 using 6x8 Round/Flat High Stack Logs. Merrimac provided them with our builder's manual and offered on and off site technical assistance. Once they got their starter logs laid they were off and building.

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Jenna referred to the entire process as "Christmas" she was so excited to be able to start this project with her husband she felt it was Christmas. Jenna once said "I feel so good and happy that Bill and I did this, although we have children they are their own person, this house we created, that feeling is overwhelming and very rewarding."

Bill and Jenna have two children, both of which are very excited to decorate their own rooms. They are using half log and half sheet rock in these bedrooms. 11 Year old Tucker said "the process is like an hour glass with mud in it, slow progress then thump that stage is done and on to the next.  9 Year old Sahara is going to have a pink room and gives the new house not just thumbs up, but thumbs and toes up.

Bill and Jenna were very fortunate to have Bill's father (Grandpa Dick) living near by.  He offered astounding details to the house and was a huge asset during the whole process

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Bill and Jenna designed the layout of the house.  With input from Bill’s father and suggestions from Merrimac their dream is becoming a reality. She said "I can't believe how huge our house became, I am just ecstatic".  While Bill and his father (Grandpa Dick) did all the physical building, Jenna continued to be a fulltime mom and watched them physically bring into reality what she imagined and had put on paper. As a team with each putting in their own personal touches they have created “Their Dream Log Home, One Log at a Time”.

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Currently Jenna reported that “Dick and Bill are running electrical, Bill is sanding beams & posts etc. Dick is installing the GORGEOUS pine flooring we got from you guys as the loft floor! Not only is it beautiful when you are up there looking down on it but it is even more so from the main floor looking up at the v-groove on the underside with the beams supporting it. We also have a borrowed wood stove going on the main floor making it cozy to work in during this cold weather, now that the house is closed in!”

Create your own dream story with a Log Cabin Home of your own. Contact us right away and stop dreaming and make it a reality like Jenna.

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