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Preserving Your Log Home or Log Cabin

After your structure is completed, there is a four step process that you should follow that will ensure that the beauty of your log structure lasts for decades:

Clean your logs: Surface preparation is the first and most critical step for proper application of finishing products. The log surfaces must be clean. Since we are providing you with logs that have recently been milled, all you have to do is remove any dirt or markings that resulted from construction. Water and/or sandpaper work great for this first step.

Preserve your logs: Once log and wood surfaces are clean, preserve them to protect against fungal decay and insect damage. Borate-based products are effective and inexpensive.

Stain your log structure: You are now ready to apply stain. Long before you get to this stage, you should have already done brush outs of the stain so that you have a color target for your painter. Be certain to use the same application on the sample as is going to be used when applying the stain to your log structure. Color can deepen or lighten in tone, depending on application, so make sure you keep the form of application in mind when choosing a stain. The best application guidelines are going to be those supplied by the stain manufacturer. Therefore, acquire application instructions from them and follow them. Remember these 4 rules for best application: clean wood, sound wood, warm wood, dry wood. To avoid lap marks, it is always good practice to work horizontally until you reach a natural break in the wall surface.

Also, realize that if you want the logs natural color to show, there are products that provide protection without color. At Merrimac Quality Log Homes we suggest that you use an elastic coating that stretches with log movement. This flexibility permits the bridging of small cracks in the surface of the wood and provides an elastic shield for underlying wood.

Seal your log structure: (Note: This step only applies if you use log profiles that require the extra protection. Our standard 4x6 and 4x8 log camp cabins do not need this additional step ) Your logs are now 'primed' and ready for chinking and caulking. There are 3 basic principals to follow when applying chinking or caulking.

  • A clean surface already treated with a preservative and stain that is compatible with the chink and caulk.
  • Proper joint design with a bond breaker installed in the center of the joint
  • Tooling the chinking or caulking to ensure good adhesion to the logs.

Preservation products that we sell range from interior and exterior stains as well as products used to clean your logs. We also carry caulking and chinking that is used as a construction component as well as a preservation/finish product.

Since we deal with several vendors, prices vary. Contact us by phone or email for details of prices and products.

Our primary log home suppliers are WeatherAll and Continental Products. For more details, visit their web sites.

Permachink - web site: www.permachink.com

CTA Products - web site: www.outlastcta.com

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