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We are the whoelsale log and lumber producers, we own the mill and sell our logs to log home kit providers. An average sized log home cost around $20,000 for the logs and supplies. What are you really paying for when you purchase a kit from a reseller? Please give us a call or send us a e-mail and let's have a conversation on how we can bes help you. “Helping you build your dream log home one log at a time”

Log Home, Log HomesMerrimac Log Homes is a family owned wholesale log home company in New Hampshire. We cater to families that want to build a log home.

We have our own saw mill so the product is controlled from the time the log comes into the mill yard until it is sawn, milled and then delivered to the building site.

Since we own both the the saw mill and the manufacturing process, there is no middle man for customers to deal with; therefore we can offer our customers log home packages that are 30%-40% less than our competitors.

Log home dealers are just people in between you and the mill that produces the logs. We are to show you whyMerrimac Log Homes is the best way to build your log home.

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Merrimac Quality Log Homes
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Email: logs@mlhnh.com

Merrimac Log Homes is a New Hampshire based wholesale and retail distributor of Log Homes, Log Cabins and Log Siding. Log home kits and log cabin kits from pre-built or custom floor plans provides a wonderful log home, log cabin or a starter log home package.